6-02-11 by dave

This week was not a cooker as the temps. were warm but not blazing.  A cold front moved in last night making today a tad brisk.  I just drove up to the Bird and got a first hand look at the hill.  The lower mountain still had not smoothed out from last weekends tracks, though the higher elevations seemed to be much smoother overall.  The only melt off that was evident was the high points on Lower Silver Fox, but aside from that the hill is still very fat and opulent for this late in the season.  The cold over night temps. froze the snow pack solidly, which began to break at 11:00 AM.  The temps. are forecast to be cold again tonight, so the early target will be Mineral Basin, though that may be a bit long in the thaw effect.  Tomorrow is also forecast to be sunny, so plan on following the Sun as it clocks around. With the less than optimum freeze thaw cycle some of the exposures off trail might be a bit breakable and touchy.  The West facing shots off the Cirque Traverse has healed up from the slide debris problems evident during the past weeks, making those exposures once again a good call when the West faces break, however, they may be breakable as well.   The Tram is still not ready for skier traffic, and will only be available to foot traffic, so the Super Loop will still be the only way to get to the peak and over to Little Cloud.   I have had a nice week catching up on all my research that I had fallen behind on during the Winter, and I am finding out all kinds of fun stuff, especially a detailed summation of the Andromedan Perspective.   That just fried my eyeballs, not to mention my brain. I’ll be there early to get the best of the day, see you then.   Ciao!!

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