6-03-11 by dave


The temp. on the peak this morning was 21 degrees with a fair wind blowing.  It was cold, and the snow pack had been frozen deeply, which was not going to break for a while.  I took a couple of laps out in Mineral Basin, where there was some very smooth exposures, but they were just very crispy indeed.  I took refuge on the Forklift Chair to wait for softening to occur. At 9:30 AM. there were some hints of softening as the Sun played on the hill, but a thin cloud cover masked the full intensity of the rays, making the thaw feature last longer.  By 12:00 Noon exposures really became approachable, developing a sherbet consistency that was smooth and velvety.  Following the Sun kept you in the goods. Right up until the last hour of operation the West facing aspects were full on perfect.  The glue factor held off, with only a few spots grabbing at your skis, but that was very rare, posing no problem.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be the best first off, as today’s off trial got cut up a bit, but after it softens it will, once again, be offering great sliding.  The cover is still full on, with only Lower Silver Fox showing any evidence of melt off.  I think that we will get another freeze tonight, so the early morning could be crispy, but I think the 9:30 AM window will find the pack beginning to break.  Once again, follow the Sun for the best quality.  There were many sections that offered a full on back country feel, which was absolutely smooth and carvacious.


Here is a shot of the early morning Sun shining down the Canyon, illuminating the big buttresses making them look extra 3D.  Here is a shot of some very interesting cloud anomalies, with rainbow colors glowing in the air.  I took this shot through my sunglasses to capture the best definition.  See you in the AM.   IBBY!!

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  1. T&B says:

    Hey Dave,

    Still tuned in.

    Living the Dream is all you predicted it would be so long ago.

    You are so exquisitely descriptive after all this time.

    Play on.


    PS We are in summer now after no Spring warmth at all.

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