10-23-12 by dave

Big Ballroom

Last week was warm and balmy, making the sessions at the skateboard park enjoyable and empty.  The day before yesterday the wind picked up, and really picked up going into yesterday ahead of the big Winter system that was moving in to the area.  The trailer was rocking in the heavy fall wind, but all my extra bracing kept it tight to the foundation.  The Hyper-dimensional resonator was tweaked off alignment, keeping the Galactic Transmissions from getting thorough.  Today the Summer turned to Winter, with snow on the hill and rain here in the Valley.  It seems just a bit too early for the snow to come, as early snow tends to create a bad layer if it sits for any length of time, so we will just have to hope we get continued installments like we did in the late 80’s.   It would be great  to open with a healthy base, with any additional Essence early frosting on the cake.   Here is a shot of the top of the Little Cloud Chair I took the other day showing a very large off loading area, which will make the traffic congestion much better in this choke point.  They also improved the access back to Regulator, making the entire flow much easier.  This weather system is settling in for quite a while, so expect to see some accumulation on the hill by Friday.  Check the Bird site for totals, but right now they are not available.  I am excited about the season, and Snowbird Secrets is just about to come out in hard copy.  It has been up on Amazon in the E version for a while now, but it will be nice to have it in hand.  Let’s keep the stoke going for continued accumulation so there will be no delay in the opening.   Stay Frosty!!!

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  1. marie says:

    dave, is the book available in kindle format exclusively ? marie

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