11-08-12 by dave

I have been enjoying these nice warm days, keeping my short sleeve shirts going until the last minute.  The Trailer was rocking today with the wind cranking ahead of the next system, which, if forecasts come through, will set us up for an on time opening next week.  The discussion in the weather chats is that this storm is a slow mover, which may really add up in a good way.   These warm days have kept the Salt Lake temps high, so perhaps we can see some solid lake effect accumulation as the move through the weekend.  The snow making has been expanded and has been  prepped for action.  Someone had made some nice turns on the freshly made man made on Big Emma last week, getting a jump on the day count for the season.  Here is a shot of a Cat excavator that was parked on the peak for the improvements on the road to Regulator and the expanded area off the top of the top of the Little Cloud chair.   You do not often see a piece of equipment like this at 11,000′ with the American Fork Twin in the background.  Nice for perspective.  The Big Cycle has returned once again only after a very brief space of time to rejuvenate the Essential Medium.   This is going to be a nice storm and will begin the base build up.  Yeah.   Ciao for now.


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  1. TomdBomb says:

    Yo Gu I think we should name major storms this season like they do Hurricanes. We can think about the criteria later but in the spirit of gender equality I will name this first one we are in the midst of (22 inches on the deck 24-36 more predicted) Snowstorm Alaina.

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