1-04-10 by dave

Monday morning kicked off with an early Tram and two runs out in Mineral basin taking advantage of the sun and the unbelievable groom job out in Powder Paradise.   The lower section of the Down Hill course was buffed and steep.  What a treat.  For the first public Tram I went down and got my Wings out to fly the clear runways   supplied by the lack of faithful making the early Trams.  Super sonic was the pace for the first 5 runs.  I put them away as the hill got more crowded stopping for the breakfast at the Forklift Restaurant for a batch of The Spuds!!  The bumps are rebuilding in the more popular sections keeping me close to the smooth.  I did venture off trail to sample the crud, finding very ski-able soft snow off trail.  Entrance to the steep sections  is still sketchy with Upper Scott a forbidden zone.  Go scope it out and tell me if I am wrong.  The grooming is still really nice, though  some of the unusual shots remain untouched due to low snow.  Their day will come and I will be ready for it.  Folks are getting into every nook and cranny all over the hill, packing out the shots, and exposing the hazards, amazing me with the audacity of those lines.  Really hanging it out!!!!  The willows on the lower mountain still present issues as you navigate through them.  Use care when passing through taking the time to take off pole straps in case you snag a basket and jam your arm.  Black Ice is still happening in the lower canyon, so be aware of that.  More high speed runs are good to go for tomorrow, so be there early for the fun!!   See you then!!!

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