1-05-10 by dave

A cloud deck screened the sun this Tuesday morning making the light flat.  The early trams were graced with sun in the Mineral Basin turning the groomers into rock and roll runways.  The few folks who showed up enjoyed the Ultra light traffic on the Tram.  Back to back Trams were the name of the game taking advantage of the smooth ride top to bottom on both sides of the hill.  The flat light put the damper on any thoughts of flying I might have had, but no worries as the open slopes made the top to bottom pace fun and fast.  The off trail is firming up as well with a touch of softness in the North aspects .  The Upper  Cirque is still gnarly in all shots with the  Middle Cirque better, though the upper entrance is sketchy, so use caution as you enter.  Tomorrow will offer similar opportunities for rippage so join the fun in the AM.  Snow is in the forecast, until then enjoy the empty slopes.  See you in the AM.  Ciao!!

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