1-12-10 by dave

The wind was howling out of the South this Tuesday morning with warm temps.and quasi Sun shine.  The Mineral Basin was closed  first thing this morning forcing an assault on the front side.  Things had firmed up significantly over night, but the wind was transporting the snow, that was not nailed down, into the low areas making those areas soft and sweet.  It was good to look around to find those deposits of goodness.   No traffic this morning on the Tram and a back to back schedule gave the feeling of a private club.   Fast, fun, and furious was the feeling all morning with the sun breaking through the high deck shedding light on the subject.  The strong South wind was howling at your back  giving you unreal Turbo Boost!!!  Hang on Nellie!!  You did have to work for the fun today, but we found it as the day warmed and softened as the morning wore on.  The lights really went out at Noon with the cloud deck filling in wall to wall.  Tomorrow look for those North East  and lea exposures to have gathered some frosting with the wind.  The visibility will be a factor still to be determined.  A change is coming and I heard the weather guy say he though the second half of January would be wet…. Hmmmm… Could be could be, lets just keep hoping.   Take advantage of this low traffic time, it is fun to have that much elbow room on the Bucket. See you in the AM.   Ciao for now !!!

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