1-13-10 by dave

The weather Dude predicted a cloudy day for this Wednesday, not so.  Only high clouds diffused the sunlight making the shadows flat with very little definition. The wind overnight scoured the West facing and transported this material to the other side.  Smooth hard wind slab was the reward for looking with the inner sense.  These few sections of goodness made the entire day. I ended up staying long into the afternoon taking advantage of the rarity.  The clouds only began moving in during the last hour of the day.  The smooth sections held up well all day with very light traffic.  There were only 18 folks on the first Tram,  again feeling like a private resort.  The clouds should be here for sure by the morning with light snow in the forecast.  I still am on the first boat patrol, but lallygagging will be just fine if you can’t find the motivation.  We will understand.  Remember all those ragged sections that have been scraped clean over the last week.  As the new snow gets placed  you will want to give those spots a wide margin.  Mineral Basin remains a good call for the morning session, however, the South facing aspects have been affected by the sun in the recent past giving them a Styrofoam type consistency.   Light traffic should persist until there is the requisite amount of sauce.   Take advantage of the slack.  See you first Boat!!!  Out!!

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