2-07-11 by dave

There was a brief back up on the Tram this morning, making an alternate uphill choice a instant winner.  The small amount of overnight accumulation cushioned the ride significantly over yesterday, with most aspects paying off with smooth soft frosting.  After 11:00 AM. the Tram line went away as soon as Mineral Basin opened, drawing the crowd to the collector that that place has become with the current wind direction.  Many places around the hill were as good as it gets, despite the low accumulation.  Perfect is perfect no matter where you find it.  As the afternoon wore on, the stout South West wind began to accelerate the wind loading on the North facing shots.  Those shots were developing rapidly into smooth carpets that would fill in after every run.  The harbor chop did not develop, as the snow stayed fluffy and buoyant all day long. I stayed all day to take advantage of the rarity that was going off with wind buffing.  I was skiing lines that I was steering clear of just the other day, but now, they were off the charts great, so I skied them!! I am not sorry!!! Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation to refresh the  hill for yet another incredible day at The Bird.  The smooth is holding up overall, with only very limited bump build up here and there.  The very remote tress are still soft, though a low amplitude rumble is a feature of that popular area.  Even though there have been some rocky areas cropping up, I did not hit anything, even in the steepest sections.  I knew they were there, but  gave them all a wide margin, keeping me core shot free.  See you for first Boat!!! IBBY!!

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  1. Ron Grant says:

    Hey Dave
    What an amazing morning we had yesterday. Thanks for everything. Looks like today is another amazing at the Bird! Have a great one, and I look forward to seeing and skiing with you soon!

    Best Regards

    Ron Grant

  2. Rick Stalker says:

    Gu, Aloha…Hogen and I are trying to line up a date with Dude to come in and months end since we promise plentiful storm activity will follow us in. Stalker

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