2-08-11 by dave

The faithful were treated to, perhaps, the best snow of the season as the morning revealed a perfect Blue Bird day.  This was the type of day that was movie, post card, and life time memory perfect.  The faithful were in full attendance, luxuriating in the quintessential Utah quality that offered 15” plus  of the sublime essence, which is the stuff dreams are made.  The 8% moisture content provided a cushioned ride, that almost entirely eliminated the underlying crunch.  The crunch factor did break through here and there, but did not present any problems in the fall line. I was taking advantage of the walk on situation at the Peruvian and Zoom chairs, after encountering a consistent 2 to 3 Tram wait.   Mineral Basin offered some seriously deep sections, where the  wind and overnight snowfall pushed the goodness factor out of sight.  There was a very large line on the Mineral Chair, so I bailed and went back to the vacant chairs on the front side. Some sections offered full on” Blinded by the White” face shots as the light density essence  exploded into gossamer dust that looked really cool back lit by the Sun.   It did not take long for the hill to get skied out, but the continued cold temps. kept the snow refrigerated and soft all day, resisting the development of harbor chop.  I stayed on the hill until 3:15 PM. when I just plain ran out of gas.  Tomorrow, look for continued sweetness overall, with the Groomers offering perfect ripaciousness wall to wall.  The off trail will continue to deliver great conditions no matter how far out you go.    Here is a shot of Tower 4 covered in rime ice.


Be there to take advantage of this bonanza extraordinaire.   Ciao!!!

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  1. Hawaiian shirt Mark says:

    dave whats up… i finally got my new year in order and business has picked up.Ready to ski powder again..I will be there the next dump,,,,,Mark

  2. tom says:

    video of the scene from little cloud chair for your readers:

  3. tom says:

    guess you can’t embed youtube in a comment …?

    here’s a link instead: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yFMccx40HE

  4. Read says:

    Amazingly perfect day. i got my best turns on the cirque, and indeed mineral basin as soon as it opened was PACKED.

  5. Joe Ivory Mattingly says:

    Was a good day flowing and going with you, D

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