1-13-24 by dave

After a delayed opening of the Canyon, and the opening of the lower section of Gad Valley, The Faithful were treated to a wind smoothed carpet of medium density product that was carvelicious. Gad 2 opened, offering added terrain, and tree lines that are rare and sensational. It is nice to have the hill be resurfaced after that long stretch that saw some serious static patterns develop. Now with all this new product, we can look forward to some big mountain smooth that is icing on the cake.

The Jazz Man returns for yet another season of music and dance on the hill, here looking down the line at a Gad 2 sensation.

Tomorrow, look for a delayed Canyon opening, and more intense snowfall as the real punch of this series of impulses pushes through the Front. You can expect a slow start on the hill as all this new accumulation makes mitigation efforts difficult and extensive. Still, when areas do open, it will be some of the best quality of the season and, with all of the deep features covered and worked in, the approach to the hill affords unmitigated audacity. Be sure to check the Bird site for road restrictions and up to date on the hill access info. Exciting times are here for sure, which validate all those deep snow visualizations with which we have been working the morphogenic field. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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