1-12-24 by dave

Big wind and high density product made for a volatile pack for this morning’s offerings, after another overnight cold front moved through. The Faithful were on the case as soon as the Canyon opened after mitigation operations were complete. Staying in the trees was the call, where the wind was cut and the consistency was not as worked. Later in the day, more of the hill opened, offering some fresh lines to find after the Gad side of the hill had been worked over.

All is quiet on the Plaza deck this evening as the next much larger impulse is dropping down out of the North. Thank you Kevin for sharing this tranquil interlude before the next installment commences.

Tomorrow, look for overnight accumulation to have delivered more goodness and it is predicted to extend well into tomorrow. This will prove to deliver a lot more depth and you can expect a slow start to the day. Check the road report and cams for info on Canyon access. We are fully in the flow and this will push the hill into fullness top to bottom and wall to wall. It is going to be quite a time, so buckle up and get ready. Stay Frosty!!!

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