1-07-10 by dave

The wind worked lots of magic for Thursday’s offering which was not lost on the faithful who made the effort despite the small storm total.  The Tram line did disperse after a bit leaving walk on Trams available from time to time.    The very high density snow filled in the low areas stretching out the turn radius, mitigating the impact of the high traffic areas.  The shots further out of the way were shaping up with better access and very smooth sugar frosting.  Forays into the West facing were rewarded with much more cover thanks to the wind deposits.   Powder Paradise remained closed today and looks smooth and inviting when it does open.  Keep your eyes open for that one, it won’t last long.  I still have not been over to Gad 2, but all reports are favorable with special emphasis on the visibility factor when the trees reflect back what little light is available on those low light days.     Cover there looks similar to the rest of the hill, making a cautious approach to the tight steep sections wise.  The slick spots are coming up later in the day after the buff has been pushed to the sides.   Look for the build up on the outside of the runs for the softest collections to bleed off speed when necessary.  The entrance into  Great Scott is forbidding and I just backed away from the drop in as it seemed unmake-able for all intents and purposes.  Tomorrow promises smokin early Trams with the fresh buff in full effect.  Mineral Basin is still going off with the early Sun putting the big light on the situation while the front of the hill remains in the dark.  It is also a quick turn around until the line builds up back there.  Get ready for some fun in the AM.  See you then.   Ciao!!

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