1-08-10 by dave

There was no pressure on the Tram this Friday morning with back to back trams in full effect.  Massive vertical was on tap for those who can’t get enough, and there were many taking advantage of the pace.  The temps. overnight really set up the snow from Thursday, making what had been soft sections into significantly stiffer surfaces today.  I went out to scope out the West facing I have been hitting the past few days only to find the same situation even that far out.  The high density snow  of the past few days solidified the sauce.  This by no means meant that there was not good fun to be had, it just took a re think and a touch of imagination.   Powder Paradise opened today with lots of takers flooding the high traverse to find variable sections depending on what the wind had done  in the last couple days.  Smoothness was the operative feature on all aspects of the North facing giving those shots the back country feel that we all look for.  The bumps in the off trail areas are beginning to become more well defined after the recent filling, drawing the folks who find them interesting.  My knees just ache thinking about that.  The Groomed runs are very nice in the morning, before Noon, however, they get scraped down to the hard pack requiring the shwag factor to keep up with the rapid transitions.    Be careful of the Kitty litter down on the flat sections.   I caught one in the flat light, taking off my ski, with an immediate spanking.  That had to hurt, I don’t care where your from.  It did, though no real damage, except to my no fall policy.  OOOPS!  Tomorrow should be similar to today with early Trams being best.  I do not think there will be any pressure with  this high pressure, so get this time going for relaxed and frequent Tramage.  You have to love that when you get it, as the Frenzy happens often enough.   Ski some runs for me .  See you Sunday   IBBY!!!

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