1-12-14 by dave

Between the wind, the snow fall, and the heavy cloud cover, the day seemed like being deep in a White Room.  With the wind blowing a gale, the Tram was down for the day.  Peruvian Gulch opened around 10:00AM, which opened up another set of choices for the large turnout.  The signals have been sent and the faithful came in droves to get more of the goods.  Today’s higher density accumulation was mitigated by the cold dry feel, and was smoothed by the heavy winds, making the turns delightful indeed.  Only the crusty tops of the old interference patterns marred the ride in those high traffic areas.  Off to the sides could be found very nice frosting to spread around.  So nice to have new product to work with.  Today was another Customer Appreciation day, and while early Trams were not happening, the hospitality was fully in play as you came in the door and also up on the main deck.  Here is a shot of Dave Fields hosting the hot beverage and pastry table at the top of the stairs.  Thanks for the nosh Dave.  Tomorrow, look for the more of the hill to be open, with, perhaps, Mineral Basin to add to the available terrain.  Since that has been out of play the last couple of days, it should be shaping up out there nicely.  Remember the Zipper Crust from yesterday that is still probably going to add to the mix out there, so expect some interesting variations.  The Groomers are really hitting the sweet spot, with very carve-able quality.  I finally feel like I can make a real turn after weeks of shwagging the hard pack.  Feels good to have the hill back in it’s sumptuous state of being.  See you there for the Monday morning shred fest.  Peace Out!!DSC01744

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