1-11-14 by dave

The First Tram went off at 8:00 AM this morning to celebrate Customer Appreciation.  With conditions permitting, they will do it again tomorrow morning, so if you are up to getting up that extra hour early you can be there for the festivities.  This morning the hill was covered by a formidable rime crust, which made the first turns a bit grabby, even on fat skis.  As the surface zipper crust was chopped up, the ride became luxurious once again.  The Sun remained shrouded all day long, but the cloud cover was high enough to keep the visibility from going South.  The hill is shaping up quickly, and the entrances are getting a bit more realistic, but with the added traffic there is sure to be issues in the usual places.  Be sure to watch those low snow areas that were showing before the new installment, as it is not nearly enough to buffer the Gnar.  If you have been scoping the lines you know where the good lines  will be.  As we get more coverage these issues will be gone very soon.  Tomorrow, look for that early Tram start, a fresh storm to be working the hill all day long, and the hill to be meeting the dreams of the Dreamers.  Here is a shot of the Beach once again, taken from my archives, as I was not there today and did not get a shot.  The more things change the more they stay the same, only the faces have changed and mine has got a bit more character. Yeah, lets call it character!!!   See you there to be Appreciated.  Stay Frosty!!  P.S.  Snowbird put a piece up on FB that said they would not run early Trams in the AM for Control work.  Dang!373905_2095218583937_1349501962_1811153_603810483_n


  1. Randy says:

    Red, White and Blue, seems to be trending back in the day!! I was laying down your Roy back then!! Winch Cats, were just getting R&D’ back then, Kids today! Oh, How I could go on!! Thanks for the heads’ up, on the early open! See you there!!

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