1-10-14 by dave

The faithful were in full attendance for today’s offering, which featured some very nice wind worked frosting.  The wind packed the fresh installment, making it feel sumptuous and floaty.  The Tram was having issues with wind, and the Peruvian Chair was delayed a bit, but the Zoom and Gad 2 pushed the seekers up the hill in fine form.  This installment did not do much to fill the interference patterns in the off trail sections, which remain well defined, however cushioned by the freshness.  The exuberance was dripping as everyone was making up for lost time in the absence of the goods.  Now the goods are here after a long awaited period, and the hill is filling in quickly.  It will be time now to move out the far and obscure to see how things are shaping up.  I have been putting it off due to the low snow, but now I am much more confident in the base coverage.  Tomorrow, look for the opening of sections that remained closed today, much better access to the high traverses, and great snow sport sliding all over the hill.  More snow is in the forecast, but who knows when it will uncork.  There was supposed to have been an impulse today, but it did not materialize.  Storm sliding is best, so if it is dumping, get up there by all means.  Here is a shot of the crew back in the 80’s out at the Beach.  This was the crew that established that tradition and it still carries on today.  Now it will be much easier to get there.  See you Sunday!!   IBBY!!297839_2095217543911_1349501962_1811151_1679011017_n

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