2-17-10 by dave

Wednesday morning began with sun up high with a cloud moving up the canyon slowly.  Good visibility and delightful groomers were on tap with Mineral Basin sporting very sunny shots with the front side experiencing variable vis as the morning moved forward.  This last installment made for some great grooming material with carpet smooth shots on every section.  I just had to take full advantage of that buffage until I went to the Forklift chair for breakfast. The moisture in the most recent sauce has begun to set up, feeling  a bit more Styrofoam like in places where the wind and sun got hold of it yesterday.  More snow is forecast making any worry about  deterioration short lived.  The strainer sections still present issues getting through them, especially the West facing ones  where the constant traffic has continually scraped them clean.  Again, new snow will help in all locations with the overall snow pack poised to  be a solid base for the next batch. The deep trees have the bump issue going on there with good cover except in the usual steep sections where some stumps and ledges are still exposed.  The morning is looking like a snowy start so dress for weather, though I don’t think the temps will be too low.  Get ready for the next cycle, we are due for our share of the goods this time!!! Ciao!!

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