2-16-10 by dave

Tuesday morning saw the return of the Sun to the hill providing perfect visibility top to bottom,  enhancing the incredible quality of the groomers and the untracked from yesterday.  The consistency was that of granulated sugar with no sticking points.  Baldy opened right off featuring smooth silky sugar top to bottom with not a bad turn to be had.  This is some of the best skiing of the season where low attendance and no pressure make for a full on shred fest.  I was asked today where the good snow was and I had to answer that it was good where ever you chose, and it was.  There were vestiges of the chop underneath the fresh, but the added density masked the roughness offering magical feeling turns.  You get the picture.  The week is looking like we are in for more installments for the next stretch, which can only be anticipated with excitement as the base is set up for the real deal on all aspects.  The Sun is now gaining the higher angles affecting the facing slopes and deteriorating the quality, so be looking for the shady and unexposed shots for best  results.  This is an issue even on the cloudy days following the full Sun influence as you will find crustiness and a less than satisfying descent.  Tomorrow, look for the ignored lines close to the trees and the peripheral sections for the smooth lines which are still quite plentiful due to the low traffic.  I expect low traffic to continue making a vert. fest a great idea for those so inclined.  See you tomorrow. IBBY!!!

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