2-18-12 by dave

I have had numerous folks from around the world ask me if there was going to be snow, but my guess is as good as good as anyone else.  However, I always felt that we were on the threshold of the shift into the opposite extreme.  It looks like the transmissions to the BIG GIANT HEAD did not go unnoticed, so the next installment is poised to pummel the  Wasatch Front.  There is waffling on the extent of the predicted accumulation, as the models run over and over again, but I think we will be getting a healthy dose, which will kick the hill into high gear.  The Traverses need some cover, the deep interference patterns need some cushion, the reefs need a bit more buffer, and you know you can never have enough COW BELL, so I am setting my sights on the perfect amount in the perfect, right side up, order.  Upside down is when the lighter density is covered with high density, making the turning a bit tricky.  A first course of high density with light density on top is the best arrangement, so that is what on which I am focusing my intention.  Help out with your own focus, as it is much more powerful with numbers.   Gird your Grid for a big one, it’s going to be great no matter what, so I will see you there for first boat.  Ciao!!

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