2-19-12 by dave

There was as much Essence here at the Trailer this morning as there was on the hill at the peak.  The road opened early after the small accumulation did not present much of a hazard.  The light density installment did not cushion the rumble underneath, making the ride quite bouncy indeed.  I was looking for the smooth sections to smooth out the ride as much as possible.  Having a small amount of fresh let the mountain open wall to wall, so we can work the product into the snow pack in preparation for the next installment, which is hot on the heels of this one.  Large dumps are thrilling, but the assorted issues of lots of snow make smaller amounts much more usable.  I am still holding the vision for this cycle, so help out and imagine your most excellent powder vision, whatever that may be.   Tomorrow, look for additional accumulation, but remember the rough running under current, using a bit more discretion before letting fly.  There are still many surprises to be encountered, that can be quite abrupt indeed.   Check for the road access in the AM. before heading out.  Here is a shot of one of the Tram Bearings that came from the work that was done on the Bow Wheel earlier this season. I was honored to have been presented with one of these very rare specimens.   It is a thing of beauty, and I am confounded to how it was made so perfectly.  This bearing spent 40 years turning in the race, and here it looks pristine.  Awesome to me!!  See you in the AM.   Peace Out!!


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  1. Kyle Wagstaff says:

    I’ve never seen the forecasting models go so haywire over such short periods of time–are we getting 2″ or 20″? I want to be hopeful, but every storm since November has fizzled from early predictions. Still, the quality is really nothing to complain about…

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