2-17-12 by dave

This morning the early risers were treated to some beautiful sunshine, with Mineral Basin offering the most carvalicious turns imaginable…  and I can imagine a lot!!  White diamonds was given the grooming nod, with a top to bottom treatment that was SUPER FLY.  I mean that in the strictest sense of the colloquial meaning.   Playing fast and loose with the gravity line was easy, because the edge response was impeccable.  I could not get over it.  The smooth stood up all day long in the back as well as the front of the hill, with the slight chop build up posing no problem to a direct slice and dice line.   The off trail is staying soft on the High North aspects, but some of the West faces have begun to catch a bit of the Sun influence, though nothing to really ruin the ride, just enough to notice.   The Extreme High North sections are in good shape, but the entrances still are problematic, however, a deliberate effort to access the lines will pay off once you are in.   There is strong confidence concerning the approaching weather, and the hill is primed for the additional product.   The under lying substrate has begun to be mitigated in the past few days, and the additional accumulation will go a long way to reducing the reflection of the interference patterns up into the new snow.  I am always looking for smooth, but that is the way I like it…… Smooth!!!   I will be taking tomorrow off, but I will post with the help of the deep cover sources.   Get there early for the best of the day, though today stayed great for the duration…. Bonus!!!    IBBY!!

2 Responses to “HYDROVELVET RIDE”

  1. Bari Levine says:

    Just so you know, during this injury time out period that I am forced to endure, I am skiing vicariously through your daily reports. I am glad for all of you that conditions are improving. The next few stormy days should help things along even more. Make sure the batteries in your transciever are fresh.

  2. Brad Gilson says:

    Skiing with the chef was a delight. A little mid day harbor chop with flat light, but the great cruiser runs punctuated one of the best days skiing in a long time for me! Wow, The chef is fast (no bumps, he likes his recipes smooth and velvety).

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