2-12-11 by dave

Well, the temperature has risen out of the basement to grace the hill with more comfort than we have seen in some time.  The high pressure system is moving through slowly, and the highs are expected to rise as we get closer to the next big change in the pattern.  Keeping this in mind, the aspects that get a lot of Sun will be absorbing the heat and will be morphing into some serious crustiness.  While that snow will be good in the afternoon, the early morning assault will be problematic on those aspects.  Of course the Groomers will be going off, and present little of the difficulties found off trail.  However, there is a bit of hard pan showing through as the traffic scrapes the buff off.  There is soft dust being piled up on the sides of the runs, so be looking there for some traction if you get sideways.  I have been lining up those soft zones, and have been holding a tight line to stay right in the sweet spot.  Look for continued excellence in the Big Groomed sections that the crew has been knocking out, and take advantage of the rarity of that dry dust.  I will be back up on deck for the morning shredfest, so I will see you there.   IBBY!!!


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