2-11-11 by dave

The Grooming crew had been turned loose overnight, preparing a potpourri of ultra smooth big mountain shots for the few faithful, who showed up for the high octane morning.  I chose Mineral Basin to start things out, where Lone Star and White Diamonds had been buffed to carevlicious consistency top to bottom.  I made 3 laps out there before the seekers began to crowd the runs.  I moved back to the front side, where Lower Silver fox and Lower Mach Schnell were worked to bring up the smooth and luxurious cold smoke that had been hiding under the crust.  MMMMM!!!  The off trail was beginning to get set up a bit in different locations, but overall the crud was blastable with a low deflection quotient, letting you arc through the turns with smooth agility.  The temps. remained cold all day, though  the  pleasant warmth of the Sun made it seem warmer than it was.  Tomorrow, look for continued Grooming efforts to provide perfection for the early risers.  Once again, Perfect is Perfect.  Yeah, so it is just a Groomer, but it is a perfect Groomer and it is up to you to put the WOW in it, as opposed to the Ho Hum!!.  How much angulation can you get in to your turn and not get chatter and break away?  Try getting more out of each turn, and see the pop you will get.  You might find yourself launched out of a turn grasping for center as you are thrown into the next one.  Just a thought.  I will be off tomorrow, so please rip it up for me and take advantage of the excellence that abounds wall to wall. Here is a shot I took on the fly out in Little Cloud.  I could not resist!!   Ciao!!


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