2-11-11 by dave

What does a computer illiterate do when the DSL goes out?   I went to bed and hoped that it would come back on, and it did sometime overnight.  Yesterday offered yet another chance to step up the pace, as unreal Groomers were on tap for consideration and shralpage.  Adager got the buff nod, where you could find the smoothest, cold, dust imaginable, just adding to the delight.  Mineral Basin was also offering some of the buff features as well as some still soft and approachable off trail.  The day remained cold preserving the quality of most aspects.  The bump features are still building on the high traffic areas, but the mountain smooth is holding up nicely overall.  Tomorrow, look for continued excellence and improving temps. The West facing holds some very nice lines after all these days, and forays out the Traverse will be rewarded on both sides of the hill.  Little Cloud is soft and refrigerated, but there are still some areas of crust to be aware of as you go long on the traverse.   I want to send a big Shout Out to all the folks I have been meeting, who read my musings, and show up on the Tram dock.  I really enjoy meeting everyone, and personally

Stairway to Heaven

get the energy and feedback on this site.  I keep trying to keep pushing the content and am trying to do the video thing.  Soon.  Here is a shot of Pipeline Bowl looking a bit like heaven, or maybe that is where it begins.  Ciao!!

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  1. Jen says:

    You were so right about conditions being awesome yesterday. Had a great time! Started my day off right getting to meet Guru Dave (who’s blog I have been reading the last few weeks while amping for my trip to Utah) on my first tram ride at Snowbird ever! Keep the post coming and I’ll keep reading!

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