2-13-11 by dave

Another beautiful morning, with a North breeze still working the hill.  The overnight wind scoured the high North shots, depositing and compacting areas to a billiard table smoothness.  What a treat, as the few cognoscenti visited time after time to partake of a natural rarity, that is reminiscent of some of the 80’s  snow packs.   As anticipated, the warmth of yesterday played a big part in the increased firmness overall, with even the North facing aspects firming up.  The first few Groomers were a bit crispy, but were softened with traffic and became rather luxurious.  The Groomers had buffed Adager once again, providing another incredible example of big mountain scale sweetness.  Tomorrow, look for another crispy morning, though the North facing sections will still be holding the cold dry chalk. so no worries .  Avoid the direct Sun exposures until later in the day to let them soften a bit.  The mountain seems to be getting smoother, loosing some of the rumble that had developed last week.  Be aware of the old crusty layer poking through in some of the upper steep West facing sections.  Navigating through some of them is somewhat tricky, so beware or go straight!!  Sometimes that is the only option.   Here is a shot of some VERY INTERESTING CLOUD formations that seemed strangely compelling, and here, after doing the down load, is revealed a curious sphere of Violet.  Could be a lens refraction of course, but it also might be …… well I will just let it go at that!!!   Peace Out!!!   Zoom in on this shot and see the Sun rays!!!


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