1-19-15 by dave

Variable visibility was the main issue today, however the Groomers were smooth and consistent, which was a bonus when you where guessing where the hill was going.  Lower on the hill the visibility improved, but the flat light made the details hard to discern.  The big steep Groomers on the Peruvian side of the hill kept the stoke going by providing wind buffed excellence.   The Free Ride Comp was going off today with some very talented kids working the upper Silver Fox area.  I did not venture into Mineral Basin today to avoid white out that was going on out there from time to time.  I was concentrating of the smooth dry chalky lines I love.  Some sunshine tried to make an appearance, but it seemed to close out with more fog.  These conditions do help your inner sense of motion, which comes back to help when you can actually see.  Here is another shot of that white wave from yesterday from a different angle.  DSC02466It is really throwing out, looking like a tow in type wave.  Here is yet another perspective, which looks like you are paddling out and are caught inside the Impact Zone.  Too late to duck dive this one, you will have to take it on the head!!DSC02469Tomorrow, look for clearing weather, a bit of a dusting from the overnight precipitation, and excellent Groomers in which to place some serious lacerations.  Off trail continues to be a bit rough, but there are still some soft snow  lines to be found on the High North aspects.  Mineral Basin will be great in the Morning if the visibility cooperates.   There is very little traffic there for the first hour.  See you for the first Tram and the fast fun.   Ciao!!


  1. Christina says:

    Awesome times today. Thank you for letting me ride with you.

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