1-20-15 by dave

I had hoped to drive with the top down today, but it was surprisingly cold in the AM, and though it warmed up a bit in the afternoon, it remained cold all day.  White Diamonds was given a fresh till as well as Lower Silver Dipper, making that lap one for the books.  Perfectly carvacious corduroy was wall to wall and you could do no wrong.  On the front of the hill, Anderson’s Hill and Lower Primrose Path once again was given the brush.  That shot stayed great all day long and seemed to get better as the day progressed with dry dust filling the gut.  Off trail, the worked sections are getting better with traffic, with  the only exception being the really heavy traffic lines.  Dry chalky consistency can be found on all High North aspects as well lower down on the hill as the temps have remained cooler than the Sun would indicate.  Here is a shot I took on a Lewis and Clark lap.  Check out how the clouds began to build in the afternoon.  DSC02487Timp. is a huge mountain and I would love to ski it some day.  Just over the ridge in the fore ground is where they will be going next in the next few years.  I can’t wait.  Tomorrow, look for another day of really fast lines on the beautifully prepared Groomers.  You can not argue with perfect.  I have been working on layin’ it down like Ligety when I get to lay into the carpet.  It is so much fun to feel the G’s.  There are wind lines here and there from the past couple of days, so keep your eyes open for some of the off trail goods.  It is Nature’s Grooming after all, and who can not like that.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!


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