12-17-14 by dave

The Sun was in and out all day long, making the visibility an issue from time to time.  The light would get so flat that all the details would disappear and it would be just a guessing game.  Light traffic made the back to back pace easy to keep, but the time it took to dial in some of the more murky lines made a round trip take a bit longer.  When the Sun was out, we stopped to get a look at Mineral Basin as it will be opening very soon.  Here is a shot that Mr. Scott took because I left my memory stick in the computer.  Doh!!   It is still looking very nice back there and I can’t wait to get back there to do some of the recon runs that I love so much.  The Groomers were still very firm, but with the colder temps of the day, the Snow Guns were working on both sides of the hill, where some very nice carpets of Gun Powder were fun to dial in.

-79The Cat Crew has done a very nice job of keeping the main runs consistent and smooth with only very rare pebbles showing up in the mat .   I am tempted to bring out the new skis.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be offering the best of the day, with the morning corduroy offering fast smooth lines.  Weather is beginning to work into the Front, and, if the forecast can be believed, there is some significant snow in store for us in the next while.  The Pacific is looking ripe and with some luck it will come charging right through here.  Here is a shot of the peak, with the new structure sitting on the precipice . -77 This will be such a cool place when it is up and running.  Light traffic will be the feature of the day, so get in the laps before things get busy during this holiday season.   See you for wrapping the laps in the AM.  Ciao!

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