12-18-14 by dave

Visibility was variable all day long as the clouds moved in and out.  Around 10:00AM an impulse of Lake Effect moved up the Canyon, which came in a very intense burst, delivering 3 or so inches of the lightest snow imaginable.  Here is a shot of my skis covered with the Essence which accumulated while I was having breakfast at the Forklift Chair. Check out how lacy and delicate it is.  Very nice!!DSC02359 Traffic was light and there was no waiting for the Tram, though it was running so consistently that you had to make a real effort to make each car.  The off trail looked much better, but the interference patterns are becoming wide spread and tough to get around.  Still the spacing is fairly generous, and smooth turns can be had. The new snow made the conditions better as the day progressed and passing patches of Sun made a few runs a bit brighter.  Here is a shot of Monte Christo looking like an island in a white fog sea.  Just another day in Heaven.  DSC02357Tomorrow, look for the opening of Mineral Basin to be happening.  The exact timing, I do not know, but I will be there for it in any case.  I think it will be a great time and the Baldy connection to Alta is said to be part of the opening.  That will be a great touch for a lot of folks I can think of.  More weather is upstream, so only good things can come.  Snow could be a feature tomorrow as well, so expect variable visibility throughout the day.  The Groomers will be offering the consistent smooth and there is plenty of fast paced lines to keep it interesting.  I am very excited  for the change on the way.  Speed Safely!!

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