3-09-10 by dave

Tuesday morning had large lacy flakes falling on the parking lot with fair visibility top to bottom.   3” of fairy dust covered the hill making the groomers perfect for the morning session.   Light traffic let back to back Trams continue throughout the day, giving those attendees the maximum access to the goods.  As the day went on the fresh snow piled up requiring a longer deliberate turn approach to average out the variations that favored the North facing  with much more consistent pack below.  As indicated yesterday, the Sun had worked the exposed shots with heat to make them crunchy and rugged underneath the  new snow.  The high North shots remained fairly smooth with the bump build up on the heavily accessed sections.  There were short periods of sunlight in the morning, spotlighting sections of the hill from time to time, but not enough to damage the pack further.  That was a welcome feature of the morning session.  I took a sojourn out the Cirque traverse to see what I could see, or in this case feel due to the diminished visibility during that period, and found the West facing a touch crunchy with the East facing still soft and smooth in most of the drop in points.  I did not get out to Mineral Basin, but attention to the aspects will pay off by looking to the North shots for the best overall consistency.  With the cloudy conditions I did not want to venture into the milk bottle out in that area, opting for the tree reference of the front side.   As I returned to the valley, it was raining vigorously promising fresh sauce for tomorrow”s festivities.  It is going to be a great morning tomorrow, so I will eat my Wheaties for added strength and stamina.  See you in the AM.  IBBY!!!

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