3-08-10 by dave

Groovelicious it was this Monday morning as I wallowed in the awsomenicity of the sumptuous groomers that were prepared especially for the early risers.   To say that it was great would be and understatement, as the recent product gave the grooming crew plenty to work with.  The wind also played it’s roll, filling in the high North aspects, eliminating the hard bumps, and returning the shots to near pristine condition.   Clouds moved in and out all morning, but they did not shield the snow from the warming effects of the Sun that began to make the direct exposures a tad thick as 1:00  PM. approached.  The North off trail areas remained cold and dry with the cold air holding the goods in check.  Walk on Trams were going off quickly and the traffic was light enough to accommodate a more lackadaisical pace.  Tomorrow, look for the North aspects to still have the winter softness, however, the Sun damaged areas will be crusty and difficult until, and if, softening occurs, so plan accordingly.  The early groomers should, again, be well worth arriving early to get the best they offer.  Most entrances and choke points are filling up ready for the next installment, which will let you charge the shot of choice with unmitigated audacity.  Pay close attention to the Sun angle and plan your approach along those lines for the best results.  It is all good to go, so I’ll see you there or at the Planetary Office.   Ciao!!

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