3-07-10 by dave

I materialized through the Time Portal this Sunday evening worn out and traumatized by my brief visit to that fantasy world which will remain nameless.   Though I had an incredible experience there, and marveled at the unreal detail of the holographs, I realized that none of those that were milling about, stunned by the virtual reality, were able to access the real world that we get to play in daily.  Too bad for them.   Oh well!   I got the inside scoop on today, so I will let you know what I found out.   Little Cloud opened with the faithful consuming the special sauce in record time. Other areas had the harbor chop build up that was difficult to penetrate.   Visibility was good despite the overcast, letting all the shots get hit without the obfuscation of the fog that can keep secrets secret.  Tomorrow, look for sumptuous groomers in the morning and, perhaps, a back off in the attendance of the faithful.  I will be more specific with a first hand accounting on my next post so stay tuned.   I will rest and try to make sure that all my atoms are arranged correctly.  I am feeling a bit distorted at present.   Peace Out!!

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