3-10-10 by dave

After the heavy valley rain yesterday I was hoping that the 3 to 4” that was predicted would exceed the expectation for Wednesday, and indeed this was the case delivering 10+” of some of the lightest snow of the season.   The light density did not cushion the crunchy sections, leaving the bottom fully in play on most aspects, though it was deep enough to easy any complaints.  Mineral Basin sported wind affected slab and seemingly smooth shots on the North faces, but left you bouncing through the bumps that had built up in previous days.  The faithful were fully represented on the Tram, leaving the chairs wide open with no waiting.  I opted to do the Peruvian- Tunnel- Mineral Basin loop for max access, bypassing the lines and getting me to the goods in short order.  The Peruvian and Gad sides were deep and very soft having been sheltered from the wind, making those shots a players choice.   Variable visibility made certain sections problematic, though the brief rays of Sun and the cold temps. kept the snow soft, resisting the damage of previous days.  By 1:00 PM walk on trams were the rule getting you back up the hill as quickly as you could get down.   Certain sheltered shots were fully knee deep providing face shots even after it got skied out.  The harbor chop did not build up as is usually the case this late in the season, letting you slice easily through the crud with no deflection. A short high pressure day is on tap for tomorrow, giving the Sun a chance to do it’s thing, so the early participants will get the best of the day before things get sticky.  The groomers should be epic first off with the fresh snow giving the crew good material to work with and deep pile shag for us to play on.  I’ll see you on the early boats!!! Ciao!!

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  1. Allison says:

    How about some pictures from the old days on your bio since you have been at this 32 years. How about an annual portrait or at least every 5 years so those of us not lucky enough to have had your days can remember. Thanks.

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