2-02-12 by dave

Gravity Drive

There was a skiff on the Trailer this morning, and only slightly more in the parking lot, but there was 3 to 6 inches of ultra light fluffulecence covering the dance floor, leaving explosive effervescence behind the fast movers.   It was snowing briskly on the trip up the Tram,  but there was sunshine breaking through in Mineral Basin, so I made a few laps out there while it stormed on the front side.  It was so weird having the front side in a storm setting, and at the same time finding Sun and good visibility just on the other side.  It was like two different dimensions, and I know what that is like most of the time, but I won’t go there.   Snow fall continued all day long, gently accumulating, and continually refreshing the snow pack.   The light density resisted clumping into the Harbor Chop that develops when the moisture content is higher.  I finally took a tour out the traverse to Thunder Bowl, finding the gate to the Bowl closed, with Tiger Tail being the only option.   The traverse was well covered and presented no problems, but the lower section of Tiger Tail was very difficult, with choppy bumps that had no rhyme or reason interspersed with hazards that were impossible to miss.  To say that it was a survival run would be mild.  I won’t be going back till we get a significant amount of snow.  Upper West Baldy has got some nice lines, however, the Fields of Glory ripped out to the ground, so that entire upper section is reef strewn and a sure fire rock fest; be aware.  It was snowing hard as I left, so tomorrow, look for some additional accumulation, which will improve those wind smoothed lines from earlier this week.  Interference patterns are building continually with the traffic, but there are still plenty of lines to ply that avoid the rumble.   See you for the freshness!!!!   Peace Out!!

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  1. Fosheezy5 says:

    Stay positive my man. Coming out their in 2 weeks read your site daily. Praying for snow!! I need some good news.. Snow

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