2-01-12 by dave

There was 14” of Flat Light to greet the morning crew, leaving them groping for definition in any way possible.  I took the faintest glimmer of Sun just burning through the cloud deck out in Mineral Basin to make the most of the situation, but  that really did not offer any help in the visibility department.  The Groomers were getting discernibly firmer, but the fresh tilling job offered some very consistent edging.  The Gun Powder was being blown far and wide on Regulator, where more of the tasty flavor of YUMM was the highlight of the morning.   The flat light made going off trail a real adventure, as it was quite difficult to follow the smooth threads of wind slab.  I watched a few intrepid rippers bouncing ruthlessly across the rumble, just hoping for a breather. That was not going to happen, because the firm chop just did not let up.  Snow is forecast to move in tonight, so we can expect some accumulation for the morning, though there is not much confidence for any serious accumulation.  Any accumulation will really help the ride, but it will also be masking those open exposed reefs that are plainly visible now.  Over all, the mountain is holding a fairly smooth complexion, but those high traffic areas, especially those accessed by the chairs, are still sporting some serious interference patterns, so remember the lines around those sections.   Reports from Tiger Tail were mixed, with breakable slab in spots, and very cluttered vegetation sticking up through the pack top to bottom.  It takes quite a bit of cover to put those features out of play, and there is just not that much yet.  We’ll see you in the AM. for some fresh Essence to add to the pleasure center.   IBBY!!

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  1. Mark says:

    It’s a reality check on how bad this winter has been when the only time you’ve used “14 inches” as a title for one of your blog posts is in reference to visibility and not snowfall! I’m still hoping that the flow will turn on and won’t stop for the next 10 weeks.

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