2-03-12 by dave

There was not too much of a demand for first Tram this morning, but the first Bucket was full, delivering the morning crew to work on the residual Essence that fell after closing.   Mineral Basin was offering the widest selection of covered terrain, with the front side still suffering from the increased firmness factor.  I stayed out there all morning, getting first tracks in some sweet low angle lines.  The traverse to Ski Patrol Gully opened today, offering some very light snow on top of some quite firm wind slab that required a bit more finesse.  There was a wind affecting the highest ridge lines, which did not really seem to move enough product to fill in any of the deep relief features.  Perhaps tonight, we might get some wind to fill in some special lines for the morning, so look for those in the AM. on the way up the Tram or, scope the lines in Mineral.   Tomorrow, look for a blue bird day, with good temps. to keep the snow nicely refrigerated.  This is a great time of the season, as the Sun still does not have that deleterious effect on the snow pack like it does later in the season.   Cherish these days for that reason alone.  Tomorrow is my day off, so I will leave the lines to you all to work on.   Make it smooth!!!  Ciao!!!  Here is a shot of the Traverse minutes before it opened.  Oh Yeah!!

Fresh Essence

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  1. Fosheezy5 says:

    Do you think the ridge will clear out and some storms will start rolling in Presidents week?

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