5-02-10 by dave

The canyon road was closed this morning for control work signaling things to come.  The Faithful where lined up and dreaming of the promise of yet another day of fresh fluffulecence.  They were not disappointed, as this installment was nearly Biblical in the shear depth and quality that was delivered.  I mean it was suffocatingly deep, truly bottomless deep, over head can’t see for the face shots deep, mid winter ski movie deep, all for the delight and burned memories of the assembled throng who wasted no time getting as much as they could access.  Mineral Basin opened at 11:30AM where it was so deep that even the steepest sections were almost not steep enough to get turns going.  Those with the specialized powder skis were having trouble  getting down, especially on the lower angle sections where trail breaking was required.  I rolled over a steep knoll, trying to get enough to carry me down the hill, when a section released and sloughed as I moved downhill. As I encountered the lower angle I was slogged down and got flopped over as the slough began to bury me.  You can bet that I was sweating the out come, but I managed to keep my head up and wiggle my way up and out.  With the very marginal visibility I don’t think my buddy would have seen me go under.  Baldy opened shortly there after with the full court press heading for the traverse.  Reports from that shot indicated that they got ” The Runs Of A Life time”.  What a day!!  Wall to wall extravagance, high energy out put, and the Sun remained shrouded all day, except for a few quick windows, that revealed yet untrammeled lines right in the middle of  sections that could not be seen due to the low visibility.  BONUS!!  Tomorrow, you can expect excellent conditions for the clean up crew, who will be able to pick up on the unopened areas with  a bit less pressure for the goods.   For myself,  I have been deployed to deal with the  first mission in the ongoing DARK MATTER WAR that continues unabated.  I can only hope for a reprieve once again.  ENJOY!!!

3 Responses to “TRIPLE OVERHEAD”

  1. Michael Brill says:

    You couldn’t have captured the day better. Glad you were able to keep your head up. What a treat we’ve enjoyed these last four days. Thanks, Michael

  2. Neil says:

    The last couple of vacations in the Bird I enjoyed an occasional chat with a friendly local on the tram. After returning home to Australia in Feb, I discovered that the happy skier I’d spoken with was known as the Guru & put out a report. Since then I’ve immensely enjoyed keeping up to date daily on conditions in my favourite place on earth. Despite sometimes turning green with envy. Especially today. Many thanks for the reports. And if you come up with a Guru Dave t-shirt I’ll buy one.

  3. Erik Albert says:

    So stoked for everyone who got it! Keep up the great work Dave!

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