5-01-10 by dave

Saturday morning presented nature’s version of Hydro- Velvet, not to be confused with the machine worked version that the Cat Crew has dialed in, when the combination of density and cold snow temps conspire to create a sumptuous treat for the senses.  In this case, Nature delivered smooth satin consistency that filled in yesterday’s leftovers to perfection.  The chop features were still evident underneath the fresh sauce, but it certainly did not interrupt the perfectly accessible turn approach that, once again, seemed like ” frosting a cake with a paper knife’!!  Wall to wall goodness was on tap for the faithful, who were on hand ready and anxious for the first bell.   And they’re off!!!   The energy was high octane as the hoots and hollers were reverberating through the fog and continuing snow fall.  Peruvian Chair was once again open to help with the demand, with the Tunnel opened to Mineral Basin sans the magic carpet, so you had to hoof it to get to the other side.   I am sure this feature will continue tomorrow as well, so much better and quicker access is happening, though there are fast moving lines due to the demand for good Goods. Tomorrow look for more fresh product that is predicted to fall overnight blanketing the, already, cushioned ride.  All traverses and drops are in fine shape facilitating a full throttle approach to the line of your choice.  That is a very rare situation this late in the season, though not unheard of as late April and early May have historically delivered some spectacular deposits. Usually, however, they are quickly slammed by the Sun, rendering the sweet sauce a pile of mashed potatoes.  In this case, the storm cycle has held off the rays for the most part, maintaining the quality all this time.  Now that is unusual.  High demand is assured for the morning session, so be there early for first Tram, which might just go off early if all systems look good, so plan on that too.  See you in the AM.   Ciao!!!

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  1. Calvin Burgart says:

    OK, you convinced me. I made plans to fly back out for three days and join the faithful. See you at the Forklift.

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