11-28-11 by dave

Very light traffic turned out for first Boat this morning.  Regulator was well covered and the grooming was good enough that some folks put the hammer down in a big way.  I was still holding back a bit not really ready to hang that much out before my legs can hold up the turn at the bottom.  Snow had been pushed to cover some of the slick and thin spots, so today did not seem nearly as greasy as yesterday.  With my lack of edges it is not hard to tell, as I am just shwagging away each turn to develop the muscle memory that will kick in  when we get the proper snow.  The many laps are also good for working up the stamina for those deep days that test your focus.  Tomorrow, look for another fun morning of good turning and necessary training.  The rock situation on the main runs is still holding up very well, though the snow making has been off line due to the increased temperatures as of late.   See you there for more edge drills in the AM.   Peace Out!!!

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