11-27-11 by dave

Beautiful weather supported the day, with stunning visibility, illuminated Regulator, and a ton of energy from the enthusiastic first Tram crowd.  Regulator had been worked and no rocks were in play all the way down.  The temps were quite a bit warmer today, so the guns were not operating, removing the passage under the snow curtain.  Thanks goodness that snow making is available to the top, where even the hair pin turn is holding up.  Overall the snow pack is firming up, and, in places, getting a bit greasy. Sticking to the far sides of the runs will find you some soft snow to use in spilling off speed at critical junctures.  The Chef took his new wings out for the first flight, and that was the last I saw of him, as he just hit the afterburners and was gone!!!  Tomorrow, look for another high pressure day of turn building, getting lap after lap on the back to back Trams.  Now is the time of season, even though the cover isn’t widespread, to get the stamina dialed, so when the real deal comes there will be  no lolligaggin’.  Still be aware of the fast movers that are going full throttle.  Keep an ear to the sounds from behind.  I have been holding strict fall lines to establish a zone, letting the main thrust of traffic to work the middle.  Traffic should be light in the AM, so it is a good time


to rock out!   See you there bright and early!!! IBBY!

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