1-25-16 by dave

As anticipated, there had been some residual accumulation overnight, but I did not expect such a stunning installment of the Righteous Utah Light to be delivered in such volume.  Here is a shot of the accumulation of the 5% Essence that was piled up overnight on the tables of the Forklift Patio.  Up on the hill, the combined accumulation from yesterday with today’s  addition, DSC03460made for totally bottomless conditions that were absolutely perfect!!!  Sections of the hill opened in order as the control was completed.  I made my way all the way out the Cirque Traverse for the first time of the season, and found exquisite lines that had yet to be touched.  Here was no pressure, not a sound, and a full experience of the bottomless perfection.  Later, Mineral Basin was opened, where, for some reason, the density was markedly higher, but still the quality was perfect and the feel was fully bottomless.  I took advantage of some laps out on the Lewis and Clark area, where the push for the goods was non existent. I made numerous laps there, putting one fresh track right next to the other.  At the Forklift Debrief, the crew compared notes on the different lines found, with a full agreement on the stellar quality of the morning.DSC03459  Here is a shot of Kelly, who was getting the 411 on the various opinions and plans for the after breakfast session. Tomorrow, look for clearing skies with much improved visibility, more untracked areas to be opened that did not get the nod today, and more unreal conditions to be on tap for those who show for the goods.  The Groomers will be off the chart perfect as well, as this product will be dry chalky and perfect.  See you there for the fun fest in the AM.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!



  1. east coast faithful says:

    Dave, Daily morning readings of select passages from the Big Book transported the East Coast Faithful Crew to a state of incorruptible connection with the Vortex. In the flow, of the flow. In the deep, of the deep. Thanks for sharing your energies as we docked on the Peak. – PR

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