1-26-16 by dave

There were a couple of new carpets prepared by the Cat Crew on the front of the hill that called me to do 5 fast laps before breakfast.  Lower Primrose Path was given the treatment, and in combination with Anderson’s Hill, provided a jaw dropping smooth carve fest on the lower half of the Mountain.  I had to bypass my usual foray into Mineral Basin to get as much of that perfection as I could squeeze into the morning session.  Out in Mineral Basin, the wind was beginning to move some product into some wind buffed lines.  These lines did not have the required support yet, but they looked good. Here is a shot of some interesting cotton ball looking clouds out in Mineral during the first Tram.  DSC03468  The Groomers out there were benefiting from the transport with smooth buff filling the nap on the corduroy.  The Road to Provo and the far reaches of the Exotic Trees opened today, which offered really incredible un tracked lines for the folks who were on hand for the treat.  Here is a shot of my turns- the ones on the left- out on the Rasta Chutes.  I have not skied this line top to bottom for a very long time. I usually bail two thirds of the way down to get over to Hoopies, but not today.  DSC03471When the far line to the Exotic Trees opened I was able to get a great line that was good to go top to bottom.  Again, perfectly smooth terrain was covered in bottomless goodness that just made me glad to be one of the first.  Here is a shot looking back up to the traverse.  What a bonus day of openings that offered perfection without the full court press.  DSC03475Tomorrow, look for another beautiful day with reworked Groomers that promise to be truly exquisite on all side of the hill, soft snow still to be found off the Road to Provo, and light traffic to make it a vertical bonanza.  The hill is good to go on all aspects and the Sun has only lightly kissed the South facing aspects. Soft snow is ubiquitous, so dial in your line and enjoy.  DSC03477  In closing I offer this shot of a fellow seeker who was looking for the way to the far reaches.   I showed him just where and how to find it.  Just to make sure he got it right, he followed me again and it was just as good.  Good times.  See you there for the shred fest.  See the Line, Be the Line!!!

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