Time For A Toon

3-17-09 by dave

Tuesday  morning brought some high comedy for the hard corps as they took a beating on the hard overnight freeze.  High North facing remained dry and chalky , but the lower mountain, which warmed up yesterday was very interesting and gave us a bit of a foot massage.  Fast and furious was the pace for the morning session.  Mineral was the call for softer thawed corn in the Am and will be the first to soften tomorrow as well. The direct South facing was good to go by 10:00AM, but the Gad side held off for 1:00PM when aspects started to break.  The cooler wind picked up in the afternoon holding the temps down a touch but softening was in full effect giving the snow a very spreadable consistency and was only problematic in a couple glue spots.  The freeze, overnight,  will make the morning session similar to today but that was good in the select areas so no need to wait till later in the morning, but waiting will buy you softer conditions in more places.  The WINGS were flying low and fast until the slope got crowded and had to go back to the  hanger.  Light traffic kept lines non existent all day.  Take advantage of the spring goodness!!!

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