Heat Wave

3-16-09 by dave

Monday morning brought warmth where there had been cold.  The wind was stout out of the South, top to bottom, which helped keep the sun from doing very much damage as it rose in the sky.  The big North facing shots are getting smoother with wind and wear and the groomers remain the best choice in the AM by taking advantage of the silky dryness the crew leaves behind.  Mineral had some beautiful runs set to go right off and was sunny and warm.  South and West facing, as well as the lower mountain, began to respond to the warm temps after 1:00 PM. having a buttery and, oh so carvable, consistency.  Only a couple flat areas had the dreaded glue spots.  High clouds moved in late in the day but skiing was all but over by then.  Tomorrow should still have good North exposures and the West and South should be saved for later.  Light attendance made for max vertical.  Just go till you can’t go no more!!!

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