8-02-15 by dave

Well, time is flying like the LCC creek during high run off.  It seems like it is a huge rushing noise as it roars by.   I came down from the High Desert to reconnect with the Summer time activities at the Bird and visit the Chef and see how his awesome garden is doing.  It is in full effect right now with lots of produce being pulled from the ground on a daily basis.  Here is a shot of the fun.  DSC03110He turned his entire front yard into this garden and it is the coolest yard on the block.   Pretty soon the tomatoes will be coming on, quickly followed by the sweet corn that is developing.  Here is a shot of the Chef and Sissy who were enjoying a great time at the Cool air concert on the Plaza deck Saturday night.  DSC03124The band was really  exceptional as they delivered Latin grooves that had everyone dancing the entire time.  They had so much energy and really brought to goods to the High Mountain.  DSC03122This girl stole the show with some really great electric violin playing, which was highlighted with some amazing delay effects that just filled the air with beautiful melodies.  She is a very talented lady.  I got to visit with many of my friends that I don’t get to see in the off season, so it was fun to catch up and hear about their exploits.   The hill is in full Summer mode, with all DSC03108the snow having finally melted off the high peaks. It is interesting to see the harsh textures that get covered with snow, and that we get to fly over all this with not a care in the world.  It is also fun to see this and juxtapose it to a deep Winter White Out when you are just working with a wing and a prayer.  The Peak facility is shaping up and the outer facade is going on the North side, with the window frames being installed in anticipation of the arrival of the glass.  The excavator in the foreground is finishing the final footing area for the big deck that will surround the DSC03106building.  The exit flow off the Tram will be much improved with this big open area.  The Mountain Bike track is getting a lot of use and the wild flowers a really peaking, so get up there for the Summer extravaganza.  More music is on tap next Saturday night, so be sure to be there for the good times.  IBBY!!!

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    Looks really fun.

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