1-23-11 by dave

There were doubts about the conditions after last week’s weirdness, but I can tell you with confidence that the hill has returned to nearly full effect.   The snow yesterday, in combination with the overnight wind, brought the smooth softness to most aspects on the hill.  There were some scratchy sections to be negotiated, but they were few and far between.  The faithful were in strong attendance as the day got started, so I jumped back into Mineral Basin to get a few laps in before   the line built up.  Boot top perfection was on tap back there after the wind had deposited long pillows of fluffulecence top to bottom.  The front side of the hill was also greatly improved, with the high entrances having been filled and covered to full charge, with Great Scott once again delivering the Big Mountain Smooth that I wait specifically for.  All of the traverses and far reaches were not left out of the improvements, making previously rasty shots much more rewarding to those who went that far.  Tomorrow, look for continued sweetness on all aspects, with minimal need to consider aspect choice.  I feel the traffic will be fairly light, so those that show up will have no problem getting their fill.  As anticipated, the longest, steepest, shot on the lower mountain was once again tagged with the Grooming paint.  I kept taking advantage of the soft piled up confectioner’s sugar that built up on the sides, which was scrumptulecent in the first degree, and I could not get enough of that perfection.  Look for more shots to get worked for our carving pleasure, and take full advantage of the mid winter snow quality. See you in the AM. for fun , fun, fun!!!   IBBY!!  Here for your consideration is a shot from inside the WHITE ROOM.  Getting deep, with no escape.  Just where I want to be!!!


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  1. Mary Laflamme says:

    Happy BIRTHDAY to you brother of mine! Hope you are blessed in the midst of the mountain slopes’ bounty! God’s glory surround you today as you view His majesty from the summit! Love, Mary

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