1-22-11 by dave

I don’t know about anyone else, but it seems like they- whoever THEY are- turned up the Time dial, making it go by like rushing water.  We are still firmly in the heart of the season, though I feel like the season is impossible to slow down.  There was just a few inches overnight to add to the healing power needed to make that crusty layer a memory, but in the spirit of maintaining a tenacious grip on time, I am content to accept every Millimeter of essence that graces the hill.  The hill remained overcast all day long, with intermittent weather moving through the Valley.   I spent the day belly up, setting my sights on the week ahead.  Not to rush things mind you!.  Tomorrow, look for the hill to have improved incrementally, though the Groomers can still be counted on to deliver the goods, especially if some more of the big , steep, lower mountain shots get the Grooming nod.  Friday, Lower Primrose Path was off the scale with such perfectly morphed  consistency, that I was just trying to squeeze  the most out of each turn.  In this way I am attempting to STOP TIME in each turn.  Now we all know that stopping time impossible, but this is my attempt at stemming the relentless flow.  Plus, I get a ton ultra quality turns in, so nothing is really wasted.    Here is a shot of the Superior apron with a debris field that had been kicked out from above.   With the ice lens that exists, great caution should be taken on the steep aspects.  I will be there for first Tram in the AM.   Be safe!!! IBBY

Slide debris

3 Responses to “LIQUID TIME”

  1. Gilroy says:

    Phil, if you’re reading this… and I know you are. Park City was epic today. Probably got 10″. Could have been the best… day… ever 🙂 Also hit up red iguana… twice.

  2. Christopher Thiel says:

    Yeah, well, let us give a brief history of time.
    Every aspect and the state of the groove has occurred in a previous year and time.
    It’s just a matter of style,
    Comments Guru Dave?

  3. dave says:

    Style is what you bring to NOW. NOW is the only real element of time. NOW is all I get to take with me, so I am going to bring IT!!

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