12-04-15 by dave

The Sun surprised me today by burning through the high clouds that still were moving out ahead of this next impulse.  Temps were a bit warmer, but, with the high winds, the wind chill was a factor.  The Peruvian Gulch opened with the Peruvian Chair offering the uphill access around 10:00AM.  We waited around to be there for the first ride up of the season, and we had fun hanging with everyone that stayed on hand. Here is a shot of The Sky Pilot giving Thumbs Up on the opening bell of the Chair.  DSC03246 The Tram was delayed opening due to the high winds, but opened later in the morning.  The Peruvian Gulch was negotiable with the snow making that had been done over the beginning of the season, and the Cat Crew did a nice job making the main lines down the hill consistent.  The off trail was super wind slabbed out and was not recommended even a little bit.  I tried a section out just to see, but was turned back with a deliberate kick turn to head back to the firm and the smooth. This is  a shot of the Middle Cirque which still is not ready for prime time.  DSC03249 Lower Chips Face was the high point with smooth velvet on that steep section that let you dial in some arcs that felt good under foot.  The high winds really scoured Regulator, leaving it very firm with not much in the way of traction, however,  I was able to get a bit of grip with the proper shmooze technique.  Tomorrow, look for some light overnight accumulation to, perhaps, be present if the forecast holds up.   Look for firm conditions to continue on both sides of the hill.  The Peruvian Gulch lines will get a rework, so look for a bit more consistency there, but do not get too excited off the beaten path.  I don’t expect traffic to be heavy, but it will reflect a weekend surge.  See you Sunday after I take a day to rest up.  I will post non the less.  Peace Out!!

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