12-03-15 by dave

DSC03241The Sun was shining this morning, but there were very high thin clouds moving through all day long. For the most part it did not mar the visibility, but later in the day, after 2 PM, the clouds thickened and the lights went out.  There was nice traction as the temps. were markedly warmer, and the consistency of the ride was a treat after those few firm sessions.  I was doing the laps from the Tram to Gad 2 to break things up and add a new dimension to the day.  With the Quads kicking it out with no lines, it is fast and fun to just jump on and get another lap going.  These Quads have been a real game changer.  At the end of the day I joined Mat Crawley  to clear the Snow Cam up off of Gad 2.  Here is a shot of Matt standing next to the plot. DSC03244He showed me the new cam that looks East toward Regulator, so you can get an expanded view of the hill from this one location.  This lens looks really trippy  with the reflection on the lens.  Oops,  I put the shot for the camera in the wrong spot.  Oh well.  While I was slogging in to get to the plot I crossed this pristine section of powder with happy rabbit tracks getting first licks on the fresh accumulation.  DSC03239Tomorrow, look for clouds to be happening as a system is moving through with not much in the way of precipitation.  The Groomers will be offering the best lines, and the Peruvian Gulch is promised to open, so look for some fresh new terrain to work after all those Gad runs.  I am still working on stamina training and moment focus.  It will all be worth it when it gets good and deep.  The Peruvian side looks to have some very nice machine worked lines, and I am looking forward to laying down some arcs.  Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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